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Enable Mississippi River Transmission, LLC (MRT) is one of two indirect, wholly-owned interstate pipeline subsidiaries of Enable Midstream Partners, LP. EGT and MRT operate approximately 7,900 miles of interstate pipelines located in Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas as well as six storage facilities.


For a listing of interstate pipeline contacts, use the navigation bar to the left and click on “Contacts” located under “Other.”


The Daily Capacity Status posting and the Pool to Pool quantity posting have been combined and renamed to MRT Operating Plan



MRT’s FERC Chief Compliance Officer for the FERC Standards of Conduct is Mr. Blair Lichtenwalter, Sr. Director – Regulatory Affairs, Energy Transfer LP. He can be reached at blair.lichtenwalter@energytransfer.com.


Feel free to contact the Enable Midstream Interstate Pipelines Customer Advocate, Kathy Kennedy, to communicate how Enable Interstate Pipelines are meeting your needs or how we can improve our customer service.  You may call Kathy at (346) 701– 2154 or click here to email her now.