TSP:                                     872670161
 TSP Name:                                ENABLE GAS TRANSMISSION, LLC
 Critical Notice Description:             Not a critical notice
 Notice Effective Date:                   05/14/2022
 Notice Effective Time:                   07:45
 Notice End Date:                         00/00/0000
 Notice End Time:                         00:00
 Notice Identifier:                       4899
 Notice Status Description:               Initiate
 Notice Type:                             Planned Service Outage
 Posting Date/Time:                       05/14/2022 07:42
 Required Response Indicator Description: No response required
 Response Date:
 Response Time:
 Subject:                                 PLANNED SERVICE OUTAGES

 Notice Text:

 Revision   Start Date       End Date    Prev Start DaPrev End  Da              Line / Facility            Pooling Area       Line                             Maintenance                     Potential Impa
    Y       9/24/2021          TBD                     10/7/2021                   Line A                      South          Line A              Leak repairs / weld over sleeves (2)               1
    Y       12/19/2021      7/31/2022     12/19/2021   5/20/2022               Malvern Station                 North         Line AC                 Unit 1 cylinder liner repairs                   1
    Y       4/18/2022       5/11/2022      4/18/2022   4/22/2022            Line J (Cache River)               North          Line J              replacement of two eight inch valves               1
    N       4/25/2022       5/25/2022                                      Chandler Station Unit 2            Neutral        Line AD        Annual Maintenance/ Pistons, Cylinder Liners (3)         7
    N       4/25/2022       5/27/2022                                           Cove Station                  Nuetral        Line AC            Turbine swingout for aft hub replacement             1
    N        5/1/2022          TBD                                               Ada Storage                   West          Line 1AD               Data results timeline projection                 1
    Y        5/9/2022       5/13/2022      5/2/2022     5/6/2022               Amber Station                   West          Line AD                   Unit 2 / Annual Maintenance                   1
    N        5/9/2022       5/13/2022                                        Byars Lake Station                West          Line AD                Unit 2 / C Service, heads, turbos                8
    Y       5/17/2022       6/13/2022      5/17/2022    6/1/2022        Line S-3-S (Perla to Bierne)          Neutral       Line S-3-S                  Integrity Pigging Project                    1
    N       5/25/2022       5/25/2022                                     Line OM-1 (Jane to Dunn)             North        Line OM-1             Cleaning Pig Run(s) Prep for MFL Pig               8
    N       5/24/2022       5/25/2022                                            Line LIM-1                    South        Line LIM-1                 Cleaning pig runs with Air                    8
    N       5/31/2022       5/31/2022                                          Amber Station                   West          Line AD                 Unit 4 Quad Z Emissions Testing                 1
    N       TBD (May)       TBD (May)                                   Line 2 South (BOL to Custer)           West        Line 2 South                     Cleaning pig run                         1
    N       TBD (June)      TBD (June)                                            Line OM-1                    North        Line OM-1             Cleaning Pig Run(s) Prep for MFL Pig               8
    N        6/1/2022       8/31/2022                                          Vernon Station                   CP           Line CP            Vernon Station Project Outage (Gulf Run)             7
    N        7/5/2022        7/9/2022                                          Panola Station                   CP           Line CP                       Unit 2 Replacement                        1
    N       7/11/2022       7/30/2022                                          Delhi LA / CP-4                  CP           Line CP              Inline Separator Installation Project              3
    N       7/12/2022       7/16/2022                                          Line CP / CGT                    CP           Line CP                   Bidirectional Flow Project                    7
    N       7/12/2022       7/12/2022                                            Line OM-1                     North        Line OM-1                            MFL Pig                             8
    N        Aug TBD         Aug TBD                                          Westdale Station                  CP           Line CP           Westdale Station Project Outage (Gulf Run)            3
    N       TBD (Sept)      TBD (Sept)                                    Line O / Chandler to Dunn           Nuetral        Line O                         Cleaning Pig Run                         3
    N     Sept / Oct TBD  Sept / Oct TBD                                       Allen Station                   West          Line AD                 Semi Annual Turbine Maintenance                 8
    N       9/12/2022       9/15/2022                                  Line A / Price Rd to Rineco Plt         South          Line A                       Tether Pig Project                        1
    N       9/12/2022       9/19/2022                                      Chandler Station Unit 2            Neutral        Line AD                       Turbo Replacements                        7
    Y       9/20/2022       10/14/2022     5/16/2022    6/3/2022                Dunn Station                   North          Line J                  Unit 3 / Turbos, water pumps                   1
    N        Fall TBD        Fall TBD                                            Kiowa Plant                  Neutral         ADT-27                 Ultrasonic Measurement Upgrades                 1
    N       12/13/2022      12/15/2022                            Line BT-1 / BT-1-B / Jessieville to Perla    North        Line BT-1                   Integrity Pigging Project                    4
    Y       TBD (Feb)       TBD (Feb)      4/4/2022     5/4/2022         Line T (Perla to Stuttgart)           North          Line T                    Integrity Pigging Project                    2
    N        TBD/2023        TBD/2023                                            Line JM-1                     North        Line JM-1                Pig Launcher valve replacement                  1
    Y     TBD / APR 2023  TBD/ APR 2023    3/8/2022    3/31/2022        Line JM-1(Denmark to Helena)           North        Line JM-1                   Integrity Pigging Project                    1
 1.  No capacity impact is expected at this time.
 2.  Coordinating with necessary loads.
 3.  Based on historical and current throughput, no capacity impact is expected.  In the event nominations increase significantly, restrictions may become necessary.
 4.  Coordinating maintenance with interconnecting pipe to minimize customer impact.  No capacity impact is expected at this time; however, if operating conditions change, affected
       parties will be notified.
 5.  Affected production notified of shut-in during work.
 6.  Customers may experience pressure fluctuations, but no capacity impact is anticipated.
 7.  Based upon customer nominations, restrictions may become necessary.
 8.  Based on all available information, capacity will be impacted.  Capacity reductions will be done in accordance with the provisions of EGT's tariff regarding scheduling and interruption of services.

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