TSP:                                     007205412
 TSP Name:                                ENABLE OKLAHOMA INTRASTATE TRANSMISSION
 Critical Notice Description:             Critical notice
 Notice Effective Date:                   12/05/2019
 Notice Effective Time:                   07:00
 Notice End Date:                         00/00/0000
 Notice End Time:                         00:00
 Notice Identifier:                       702
 Notice Status Description:               Supersede
 Notice Type:                             Operational Alert
 Posting Date/Time:                       12/05/2019 06:59
 Prior Notice Identifier:                 699
 Required Response Indicator Description: No response required
 Response Date:
 Response Time:
 Subject:                                 PLANNED LINE 7 MAINT UPDATE

 Notice Text:

 This notice is to notify all parties of planned maintenance on EOIT s Line 7.  As part of EOIT s
 integrity management plan, EOIT will be conducting a series of pig runs on its Line 7 West. To
 limit impacts to shippers EOIT will also be conducting planned maintenance at its Perry
 Compressor station.  The planned compressor maintenance and pigging will be conducted on
 the following dates.
 *	October 29th, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. through November 5th, 2019, at 9:00 a.m.
 *	Gas day November 19th, 2019
 *	Gas day November 21st, 2019
 *	Gas day November 25th, 2019
 *	Gas day December 2nd, 2019
 *	Gas day December 4th, 2019
 *	Gas day December 6th, 2019
 *	Gas day December 17th, 2019  (New Date Added)

 During the dates listed EOIT anticipates impacts to Interruptible and Firm transportation
 nominations from the following receipt meters:
 *	Waynoka Plant MP # 33430
 *	Rose Valley MP # 36638
 *	Rodman Plant MP # 32570
 *	Silver Lake Plant MP # 290445
 *	Tall Oak Eagle I/C MP # 207753
 *	Egg West MP # 245969
 Shippers nominating from the receipt meters located on EOIT s Line 264 can avoid scheduling
 reductions by nominating to delivery points that are located on EOIT s Line 264.
 Please note, EOIT will endeavor to notify shippers as soon as possible of any changes
 regarding this event by updating this posting.  We recognize the challenges associated with this
 outage and appreciate your cooperation and understanding.  If you have any questions, please
 contact your Marketing Representative.

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