TSP:                                     007205412
 TSP Name:                                ENABLE OKLAHOMA INTRASTATE TRANSMISSION
 Critical Notice Description:             Not a critical notice
 Notice Effective Date:                   03/26/2019
 Notice Effective Time:                   09:00
 Notice End Date:                         06/26/2019
 Notice End Time:                         08:59
 Notice Identifier:                       666
 Notice Status Description:               Initiate
 Notice Type:                             Other
 Posting Date/Time:                       03/26/2019 10:08
 Required Response Indicator Description: No response required
 Response Date:
 Response Time:
 Subject:                                 EOIT FUEL RATES APRIL 1, 2019

 Notice Text:

 EOIT Fuel Rates April 1, 2019

 Please note that the EOIT fuel rates effective April 1 have now been updated in the ServiceLynx nomination system. Any nominations entered prior to this time will need to be updated to reflect the new fuel volume. Please contact you
 r scheduling representative if you have any questions.

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