TSP:                                     007205412
 TSP Name:                                ENABLE OKLAHOMA INTRASTATE TRANSMISSION
 Critical Notice Description:             Not a critical notice
 Notice Effective Date:                   07/01/2019
 Notice Effective Time:                   09:00
 Notice End Date:                         00/00/0000
 Notice End Time:                         00:00
 Notice Identifier:                       676
 Notice Status Description:               Initiate
 Notice Type:                             Other
 Posting Date/Time:                       06/24/2019 13:02
 Required Response Indicator Description: No response required
 Response Date:
 Response Time:
 Subject:                                 UPDATE TO EGT STUART DEL PT

 Notice Text:

 Enable Oklahoma Intrastate Transmission, LLC (EOIT): EGT Stuart Delivery

 Due to operational changes on the EOIT system, this notice is to notify all parties that effective
 July 1, 2019, the following meter will become an Optional point on the EOIT system:

 	EGT (CNP) @ Stuart	MP# 858081

 If you have any questions, please contact your Short Term Marketing Representative.

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