TSP:                                     006968077
 TSP Name:                                ENABLE MISSISSIPPI RIVER TRANSMISSION, LLC
 Critical Notice Description:             Critical notice
 Notice Effective Date:                   05/16/2019
 Notice Effective Time:                   11:40
 Notice End Date:                         00/00/0000
 Notice End Time:                         00:00
 Notice Identifier:                       3146
 Notice Status Description:               Initiate
 Notice Type:                             Operational Alert
 Posting Date/Time:                       05/16/2019 11:46
 Required Response Indicator Description: No response required
 Response Date:
 Response Time:
 Subject:                                 FTHN COMPRESSOR MAINTNANCE

 Notice Text:

 This System Protection Warning (SPW) is being issued by EMRT to notify shippers of unplanned maintnance at EMRT s Fountain Hill Compressor Station located in Ashley County, Arkansas, effective May 17, 2019.
 The unplanned maintenance on the Fountain Hill Compressor Station will begin May 17, 2019 and is anticipated to continue through September 30, 2019.  During this time, nominations and allocations to delivery points located south of
 MRT s Fountain Hill compressor station will be subject to the following criteria:
 * Nominations and allocations will need to be within their primary path and primary direction of flow.
 * Nominations and allocations will not be allowed to exceed their Line Priority, Rate Zone Capacity or Line Capacity.
 It may become neccassary for EMRT to schedule down primary firm nominations during this period of unplanned maintenance.
 This System Protection Warning (SPW) will remain in effect until further notice and will be updated as more information becomes available.
 If you have any questions concerning this Alert, please contact your Scheduling Representative

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