TSP:                                     006968077
 TSP Name:                                ENABLE MISSISSIPPI RIVER TRANSMISSION, LLC
 Critical Notice Description:             Not a critical notice
 Notice Effective Date:                   07/19/2021
 Notice Effective Time:                   10:15
 Notice End Date:                         00/00/0000
 Notice End Time:                         00:00
 Notice Identifier:                       3938
 Notice Status Description:               Initiate
 Notice Type:                             Planned Service Outage
 Posting Date/Time:                       07/19/2021 10:15
 Required Response Indicator Description: No response required
 Response Date:
 Response Time:
 Subject:                                 PLANNED SERVICE OUTAGE

 Notice Text:

 Revision   Start Date        End Date      Prev Start Da Prev End  Date           MRT Location               Line                              Maintenance                        Potential Impact *
    N       10/3/2019            TBD                                             St Jacob Station           East Line                         Turbine Repairs                            1
    N        5/1/2021        10/31/2021                                         Unionville Storage         Unionville                        Injection Season                            1
    N        6/1/2021         9/6/2021                                          Carlisle Station          Mainline 2, 3                Annual maintenance all units                      1
    N       6/28/2021         8/31/2021                                        ALLN,ML1,ML2A,STLLN            STLLN                           ECDA Digs (22)                             7
    N        7/6/2021         8/31/2021                                        Poplar Bluff Station       Mainline 2,3                 Annual maintenance all units                      1
    N        7/6/2021         7/23/2021                                      Poplar Bluff to 12 Mile       Mainline 3                     Integrity pipe repairs                         1
    N        7/8/2021         7/23/2021                                     Black River to Black River     Mainline 2             Integrity pipe repairs / MP 307 to 325                 1
    N          July              TBD                                             St Jacob Storage           St Jacob                     EOS Spring Shut In Period                       1
    N        Aug TBD           Aug TBD                                       South of Horseshoe Lake           ALE                     isolation and planned release                     7
    N       9/20/2021         9/24/2021                                       Ft Hill to Perryville        Mainline 3              Chemical Cleaning Pig Runs (ILI Prep)                 1
    N       9/27/2021         10/1/2021                                       Ft Hill to Perryville        Mainline 3       Reserved for additional cleaning runs if required            1
    N       10/12/2021       10/12/2021                                       Ft Hill to Perryville        Mainline 3                      Combo Pig (ILI Prep)                          1
    N       10/14/2021       10/14/2021                                       Ft Hill to Perryville        Mainline 3                          EMAT Pig Run                              1
    N       12/6/2021        12/10/2021                                          FT Hill Station          Ft Hill Line  Isolation of yard piping for valve maintenance / No comp av      1
    N       TBD (Fall)       TBD (Fall)                                          Ft Hill Station          Ft Hill Line             Unit 7 Oil Filtration System Install                  1
    N          TBD               TBD                                     Mainline 2 (Glendale to Ft Hill)  Mainline 2                       ILI Pigging Project                          1
 1.  No capacity impact is expected at this time.
 2.  Coordinating with necessary loads.
 3.  Based on historical and current throughput, no capacity impact is expected.  In the event nominations increase significantly, restrictions may become necessary.
 4.  Coordinating maintenance with interconnecting pipe to minimize customer impact.  No capacity impact is expected at this time; however, if operating conditions change, affected parties will be notified.
 5.  Affected production notified of shut-in during work.
 6.  Customers may experience pressure fluctuations, but no capacity impact is anticipated.
 7.  Based upon customer nominations, restrictions may become necessary.
 8.  Based on all available information, capacity will be impacted.  Capacity reductions will be done in accordance with the provisions of EGT's tariff regarding scheduling and interruption of services.

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